Saturday, September 3, 2011

#8: Piccolo Forno - A Cheesy Slice of Heaven

The Best BYOB and Pizza Combo

While in LoLA, Michelle and I debated between checking out Piccolo Forno and the Round Corner Cantina. Because Piccolo Forno is on "the list" and I really love pizza, we put Round Corner Cantina on hold. Don't worry though - it may not be on "the list" but it is on my list.

Without a spirit store nearby, we arrived without the B from the BYOB. We were quickly seated at an indoor table and, due to the extreme heat, the air conditioning and ice water could not have been more welcome. We decided to split the polpete toscane as an appetizer and the quattro formaggi pizze. I thoroughly enjoyed both. As a connoisseur of fine pizza crusts, I can honestly say this was the best I've had since I moved to Pittsburgh. For that alone, I would be willing to go back for more. But next time, I'll bring some wine.

- Emily

61 down, 304 to go.

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