Saturday, September 3, 2011

#57, #137, #109, #42, #41, #78: A Saturday in the Strip

#57: Hot Haute Hot
Best Furniture Store

Hot Haute Hot was again another reminder of how I am 25 years old living in a residence hall. Though if I did have an opportunity to furnish an apartment or home, I would definitely shop here. Hot Haute Hot has a variety of trendy furniture and decor items from across the globe. In the store shoppers can find anything from recycled furniture to vintage and antique items to jewelry. Hot Haute Hot is a great place to shop or just visit during a morning or afternoon in the Strip. Be sure to check out the manikins while you're there.


#137: Enrico Biscotti Co.
Best Place for Biscotti

My tooth is salty not sweet but Livingsocial recommended the cranberry-pistachio biscotti drizzled in chocolate so I had to try it. It was too hot for tea or coffee dunking so I had to do without during my biscotti experience. The biscotti had a nice buttery crunch with hints of cranberry throughout. The chocolate would have been a great addition but overall the biscotti was a nice day in the Strip treat.


#109: Mon Aimee Chocolate
Best Place for Spicy Hot Chocolate

Mon Aimee Chocolate is like the chocolate factory of Pittsburgh. There was a variety of chocolates to meet every chocolate lovers' needs and desires. Livingsocial recommended trying the spicy hot chocolate but unfortunately the beverage maker was down and because it was summer, it was unknown of when it would be fixed. A Mon Aimee Chocolate employee recommended the Chile Burnt Caramel as an alternative but I will be back in the winter to try the spicy hot chocolate.


#42: Stamoolis Brothers
Best Place to Buy Greek Food

Unless you like olives, an olive bar is really not that exciting. But if you do, I would recommend Stamoolis Brothers for your olive purchases. If I were a little more knowledgeable about the different types of olives available, I would rave about the selection at Stamoolis Brothers. But since I don't, you will just have to check it out yourself.


#41: Mike Feinberg Company
The Best Place to But Steelers Stuff

(Not Even) The Biggest Pile of Steelers Crap

Occasionally, Michelle and I will find that we disagree with LivingSocial's "best" something or other, although typically we find that the restaurant, park, or store is at least average. When it comes to Steelers gear, however, we both wholeheartedly disagree that Mike Feinberg Company is the best. This party shop, located on Penn Ave in the Strip, has a just a random collection of cheap party supplies. The only different between this store and your standard Party City chain-type party supply store is that this one has Pittsburgh team gear. Yet even the gear is nothing to get excited about. It's cheap, tacky, and not attractive. Looking for a Pittsburgh Steelers toilet seat cover? Then this is your place. But if you want something you will actually be proud to display in your home or on your body, I think you'd be better off checking out any one of the other 100s of Steelers gear shops in and around the city. Save yourself the time and excitement. Skip Mike Feinberg Co.

- Emily

#78: Kaya
Best Restaurant to Dream of Warmer Weather

(Fish) TACOS!!
I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Kaya. Many people (including two of my supervisors) have reported the fish tacos to be the very best in the city. I became a seafood-eater in the more recent years of my life and consider fish tacos to be some of my very favorite fishy foods. Even taking my level of hunger into consideration, Kaya did not disappoint. I would have told you that they did, in fact, have the best fish tacos in the city. That is, until this past weekend. That's when I discovered the Penn Ave. Fish Co. fish tacos. Game over. PAFC wins.

- Emily

62, 63, 64, 65, 66, and 67 down, 298 to go.

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