Saturday, September 3, 2011

#205: Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee - Definitely a Treat for Two

The Best Place to Eat the Breakfast Your Mom Never Let You Have

On yet another warm summer evening in Pittsburgh, Michelle and I ventured to Shadyside to test the ice cream at Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee. To our surprise, the line to order a cool treat was out the door and down the front steps. When we made it inside the coffee/ice cream shop, we were entertained by the unique and creative decor. Old license plates, odd pieces of art, and many advertisements for local classes, shops, and concerts surrounded us. Michelle seemed excited to hear that the ice cream featured was actually from her favorite shop - Dave and Andy's. She ordered something to suite her tastes while I attempted to order LivingSocial's suggestion - a vegan cinnamon waffle with a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream. Unfortunately, they were out of vegan waffles so I opted for a buckwheat one. The best part was that the waffle was made fresh and was warm enough to melt the ice cream. My dessert, which also doubled as dinner, turned out to be huge and could certainly be big enough for two to share, though I'm not complaining.

- Emily

68 down, 297 to go.

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