Saturday, September 3, 2011

#48, 163: Natural Stitches and #3: Knit One - Get Your Knit On

Natural Stitches
Best Place to Learn How to Stitch and Best Yarn Shop

Emily and I stopped by Natural Stitches during an afternoon knitting session. There is nothing more awkward than 15 knitters starring at you while they are frantically crocheting their Christmas gifts. We briefly browsed the shelves of yarn and were out.

Knit One
Best Place to Pick Up Supplies for Your Next Knitting Project

Knit One was a more welcoming knitting store than Natural Stitches. The space was more open with bright colored
walls and we were greeted by Wendy whom Emily and I chatted with about our jobs as RDs. Wendy talked about how relaxing knitting was and how a project could be taken anywhere such as the hospital when you are on call.

Knit One offers private lessons for only $25 an hour which I scheduled with Wendy. During my lesson, Wendy taught me how to crochet, how to fix common mistakes, how to add yarn, and how to cast off. I'm very satisfied with the progress that I've made on my scarf. What do you think?


70 and 71 down, 294
to go

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