Saturday, September 3, 2011

#234: Citiparks Outdoor Pools - Not So Great for Your Cell Phone

The Best Place to Spend Your Day Poolside

The city of Pittsburgh offers its residents 19 olympic-sized outdoor neighborhood pools open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each summer for a nominal fee. Our nearest pool happens to be in Schenley Park.

On a hot Sunday afternoon, Michelle and I packed snacks, towels, and sunscreen and headed poolside. We arrived to find a crowd of all ages, shapes, and sizes enjoying the warm sunshine and water. We found a spot in the shade to set our stuff (I didn't want my chocolate stash to melt in the heat) before jumping in to cool off. It was refreshing and wonderful. I am so grateful to have a pool so close.

A piece of advice from those who make mistakes. Cell phones and water aren't friends. I suggest placing them in your towel away from the pool. Better yet - leave it at home and enjoy a day away from everything. Trust me. It's better this way.

- Emily

76 down, 289 to go.

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