Thursday, June 16, 2011

#92: Trader Joe's - "Cheeeeeessseeee"

Best Place to Find Gourmet Cheeses for a Steal

I usually shop at Market District because of the convenient location and the fuel perks (gas prices are insane!). Emily on the other hand, drives alllllll the way out to Walmart in West Mifflin because of the lower prices. Insert Walmart rollback jingle here. We made the trip to Trader Joe's in search of English Blue Stilton, Livingsocial's favorite.

The cheeses are displayed with a brief description of where it is from, how it was made, and how it should be eaten. Unfortunately we couldn't find the English Blue Stilton, so we had to settle for an alternative. I selected Trader Joe's spotlight cheese, Idiazabal, a Spanish cheese that is only available during the summer months and should be paired with spring fruits. Perfect.


40 down, 325 to go.

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