Thursday, June 16, 2011

#87: Anthropologie - Funky Expensive

Best Place to Buy Funky Dinnerware

This was my first time in Anthropologie and in my opinion, the store was a blend between Ann Taylor and Pier One Imports. When Emily and I entered the store, our attention was immediately drawn to the clothing sale rack. I eventually drifted over to a sale table full of trinkets, journals, and other books. I stumbled across a book of William Shakespeare's sonnets and found my favorite poem, sonnet 132. "Then will I swear her beauty itself is black. And all they foul that complexion lack."

Emily and I browsed the vibrant dinnerware but with no place to put it, we left the store only with this picture and dreams of one day owning our own homes.


39 down, 326 to go.

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