Thursday, June 16, 2011

#215: Three Rivers Arts Festival - Look at Art, Eat Food

The Best Way to Get Your Summer Culture Fix

The Three Rivers Arts Festival is a 10-day celebration of the arts held annually in downtown Pittsburgh. This year, the festival was held June 3-12 and featured performances, visual art, hands on activities, and an artists market. Michelle and I took the bus downtown on a warm Thursday evening to check out what the artists market and, perhaps more importantly, make a dinner out of festival food. 

As we perused the rows and rows of artists work, I found myself somewhat overwhelmed by the prices of some of the art. I understand these people have to make a living, but this served as a strong reminder why I have very little art in my apartment. I was drawn most strongly to the photographers' work, particularly if it was from a location with which I am familiar. Someday, when I'm a real grown up, I going to have an entire wall of photographs from around the world.

It didn't take long for the smell of sugar to make it our way. We walked to Point State Park and moseyed our way to the largest carnival-type food selection I've seen in a while. Michelle went for a huge gyro while I opted to try the kettle corn. Both were quite delicious. 
The one thing you should know about our trip to the Arts Fest is that we arrived about an hour before everyone closed up shop for the evening, which caused us to miss out on demonstrations and hands on activities. I suggest heading down in the middle of the afternoon as I think you may have greater success.

- Emily

35 down, 330 to go.

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