Thursday, June 16, 2011

#129: Gluuteny - Big Enough to Hurt Somebody

Best Place to Find a Gooey Whoopie Pie

While Michelle took responsibility to try the deserts at Gullifty's, I quickly volunteered to taste one of the huge Whoopie Pies from Gluuteny. Gluuteny is a gluten- and casein-free bakery located on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill. This cute little shop features wheat-free and dairy-free goodies. This massive piece of goodness proved to be a tasty little post-lunch treat and was certainly big enough for two, three, or even four people to share. I also picked up a pumpkin loaf which I intended to compliment my breakfast over the course of a week or so. Unfortunately, it lasted just three days as I felt an overwhelming desire to gobble it up.

Check out Gluuteny. Just do it.

- Emily

34 down, 331 to go.

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