Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#26: Gullifty's - Just Nutty

Best Dessert Selection

As Emily and I waited outside of Gullifty's for it to open, we overheard a couple discussing how they had gotten dessert there before. Popular place I guess.

We were greeted by who we presumed to be the manager and told him we didn't need to be seated and just wanted to order dessert to go. Emily asked if they had a macadamia tart thingy (we like to get technical) because she didn't see it on the menu. The manager said that the macadamia truffle tart was a seasonal dessert but they had made some for the Pittsburgh Magazine party and he would check to see if there were any leftover. I had my eye on the New York style cheesecake with strawberry, so I was hoping that there weren't any left but of course there was one.

The macadamia truffle tart wasn't the best dessert I had ever had but it wasn't the worst either. The inside was made of a chocolate pudding and a plethora of macadamia nuts. I like nuts but I don't need a mouthful in every bit. I shared the dessert with my supervisor and she enjoyed all of the nuts but didn't care for the chocolate.

Though the macadamia tart thingy wasn't my favorite, I'll definitely go back to Gullifty's to try the cheesecakes.


33 down, 332 to go.

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