Sunday, June 5, 2011

#39: The Duquesne Incline - The Best View in Pittsburgh

The Best Touristy Thing to do With Out-of-Town Guests

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of hosting a friend from OSU, Rob Richardson, for an overnight. When he called to ask if he could stay the night as he passed through town, he also said, "And can we please do one of the 365 Things?" Why of course! Seeing that Rob had never before been to this great city, Michelle and I decided the best thing to do was to show him how beautiful it is so we took him to the Duquesne Incline. Rob was a ball of excitement the entire trip. I knew it would was a success when he whispered, "This is so cool!" as he got his first glimpse of the city skyline as we climbed Mount Washington. We rode the incline down the slope and Michelle and I pointed out some of the more important Pittsburgh things on the way - Heinz Field, PNC Park, the Golden Triangle, etc. With nothing to do at the bottom, hopped right back on to ride to the top again. While it was a brief glimpse of all the city has to offer, it was great to share the excitement of new eyes and, for me, to remember riding the incline as a small child.

- Emily

27 down, 338 to go.

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