Thursday, June 23, 2011

#220: Greek Food Festival and Village - Arrive Early

The Best Greek Festival

 Michelle and I will soon become quite the gyro connoisseurs. On Friday, we dared fight Pittsburgh's Friday evening traffic through the Fort Pitt Tunnel on our way to Mt. Lebanon for the Greek Food Festival and Village. We arrived around 7:30pm to find limited parking and even more limited food selection. It turns out this festival is so popular, they frequently sell out of food. Luckily, they had at least two gyros left and we made sure we grabbed them. We sat outside the Holy Cross church while people-watching and gobbling up our delicious dinner. 

Special note - although the festival runs until 9pm, the food will run out. I suggest arriving earlier than 7:30pm if you want to try everything. And you should - it looked and smelled fantastic (on other people's plates)!

- Emily 

41 down, 324 to go.

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