Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Trip to the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon

Conveniently located across the street from the Holy Cross Church is the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon where three of the 365 things can be found.

#80: Restoration Hardware - Best Place to Buy Cool Lighting, Knobs, and Pulls

If you are searching for a modern look for your home or apartment, Restoration Hardware is the place to shop. Earth tones, metals, and hardwoods adorn the store from wall to wall. There are quite a few interestings pieces such as tripod lamps, lion head door knockers, and domed chairs. If you enter with full pockets, expect to leave with them pretty empty.

#194: Jezebel - Best Place to Get a Leg Up on Prom Dress Shopping

For Emily and I the days of prom are long behind us, but it's always fun to get dolled up for a special occasion. Jezebel had racks of short and long dresses in almost every color and pattern. We felt pretty old criticizing the styles of dresses girls are wearing to prom these days. In the photo I am modeling a hot pink Kardashian inspired dress though I usually prefer the classic little black dress.

#152: Jernigan's Tobacco Village Scotch and Cigar Bar -Best
Place to Find First-Class Stogies

Neither Emily nor I are cigar aficionados, so we were pretty clueless when we went into Jernigan's Tobacco Village Scotch and Cigar Bar. We browsed shelves of cigars using our noses to determine which ones we liked and didn't like. From experience I have learned that smoking a cigar actually attracts men, so don't be afraid to grab a stogie ladies!


42, 43, and 44 down. 321 to go.

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