Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#21: Quiet Storm - Hippie Heaven

Best Place to Take a Vegan to Lunch

Because they didn't have a vegan on hand, both Michelle and Emily decided to indulge themselves in what Quiet Storm had to offer. They caught the 71A in front of the William Pitt Union and began their journey to veganism. Michelle and Emily got off on the Negley and Penn Ave stop and walked for what seemed likes miles (ok, maybe 7 minutes). They arrived at Quiet Storm, a quiet little corner restaurant with large windows. Michelle and Emily grabbed a table in the back of the restaurant where the peace lovin', tree huggin', and hand holdin' literature was kept. Emily ordered the gyro,  as suggested by LivingSocial and Michelle ordered the apple panini with chips and salsa. After recently attending the Greek Festival, Emily wasn't overly impressed with her meal. On the other hand, the apple panini was like heaven on a plate with cheese oozing through the cracks of the bread. It was like having dessert as a meal. No adult could object. The best reason to go back to Quiet Storm?? It would only be for the apple panini (it was freakin' awesome!!).

15 down, 350 to go.

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