Friday, May 20, 2011

#190: PNC Park - The Most Beautiful Ballpark in MLB

The Best Reason to Cross Roberto Clemente Bridge on Foot

One of the best deals in Pittsburgh is the Pirate's #ClubTicketTwosday (follow them on Twitter - @BucsInsider). On Tuesdays in which the Buccos have a home game, @BucsInsider tweets a location within the city and a time at which to show up. The first 15 people to that location receive two free club seats to that night's game. That's right - club seats... meaning three inches of padding for your tush! Last week, the #ClubTicketTwosday location was none other than the old Forbes Field Wall on Pitt's campus. Utilizing our lunch break, Michelle and I scooted over to the wall 45 minutes before the announced time and found ourselves to be the first fans in line. We watched as others arrived, some by foot, some by bike, some even ran.

My favorite part of waiting was an older couple who had traveled from out of town to see what remains of Forbes Field. I overheard the couple asking a construction worker about the wall and the location of home plate (known to some as the home of Mickey Mantle's tears) which is now inside Posvar Hall. As a friendly gesture, I informed the couple that if they moved to the other side of the wall and waited approximately 10 minutes, they would find themselves owners of free tickets to that night's game against the Dodgers. They seemed surprised, but chose to follow my suggestion. I don't think I've seen a happier couple of tourists in quite some time.

Someone once told me that PNC Park is the best ballpark in Major League Baseball. I told him I kindly disagreed. Now, having been to 18 of the 30 current stadiums, I have to say I have changed my mind.

There is no view better than that from the third baseline of the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. And there's no better deal. Parking a hop, skip, and a jump from the ballpark is just $5. As you walk across the Roberto Clemente bridge, you hear the pleasant sounds of the sax man jamming while you contemplate whether or not you would ever be adventurous enough to jump into the river... or maybe that's just what Michelle and I do. At any rate, you can get tickets to a game for as little as $9 - a steal for any professional sport. Don't forget to pack snacks - unlike many ballparks, you can bring your own food into PNC!

Last but certainly not least, don't forget to say hi to my good friend Jim, the usher for sections 117/119. He might be the best part of the PNC experience! Let's go Bucs!

- Emily

16 down, 349 to go.

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