Friday, May 20, 2011

#52, #70: La Feria - A Local Trip to Peru

Best Place for Peruvian Food AND Place for Peruvian Crafts

On Thursday Emily and I took an impromptu trip to La Feria for lunch. We had originally scheduled to go there on Sunday but it was closed (something to keep in mind when planning to dine or shop there). We caught the 71-A Negley to Shadyside with the hopes that it would head south toward Walnut. While on the bus we learned that it was actually headed north, so we hopped off at Centre and Graham. Emily and I wandered though a neighborhood and eventually found ourselves crossing a bridge over a highway. I was starving and not wearing appropriate walking shoes and Emily's optimism of "It's all part of the adventure" was not helping the situation. Two cell phones and two master's degrees later, we managed to find our way to La Feria. To our surprise, La Feria is located above Pamela's diner.

In La Feria we passed through the craft store which included a variety of clothing, rugs, and figurines. I took interest in the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) figurines and Emily looked at the jewelry.

Livingsocial's favorite pick is the sampler plate with two empandas and Peruvian dips served with bread and sweet potato chips for dipping. With our luck, the menu had recently changed and we had to order the empanadas and the sweet potato fries separately. The sweet potato fries were served with what tasted like a spicy french onion dip and was a great appetizer. Emily and I also shared a spinach and feta and spicy apple empanada. Both were delicious and we wished we had ordered more than two.

We would both go back again for a taste of Peru.


17 and 18 down, 348 to go.

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