Sunday, May 8, 2011

#71: Pamela's - For Old Time's Sake

The Best Crepes for Breakfast

On Friday morning, Michelle, Emily and several of their coworkers went to Pamela's in Oakland for breakfast. With students being gone, there was no wait and we were seated immediately. Emily had already eaten breakfast (Lucky Charms, of course), so it was left to Michelle to complete the task of eating crepes. It didn't take much convincing... Michelle ordered The Morning After aka "The Breakfast Special" (eggs scrambled with cheese and bacon) with banana walnut hotcakes.

The restaurant decor included a plethora of older games on the walls which led to a discussion of what games we played as children. A carrom board was the most popular game amongst the group. The low-key family atmosphere makes this a great place for anyone to eat. Don't forget to bring cash, as cards are not accepted.

8 down, 357 to go.

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