Monday, May 9, 2011

#4, #175: Tazza D'Oro - Cup of Nasty

The Best Coffee Shop AND The Best Place for a Serious Shot of Espresso

Neither Michelle nor Emily are coffee drinkers yet somehow Michelle got suckered into having a shot of the Hondura Ocotepeque Cocafelol. Michelle went to the counter, Post-It note in hand with the name of the espresso shot written on it, and only semi-confidently said, "I want that." She received a saucer and a tiny cup of brown hell. Michelle asked the barista how to drink the espresso to which he replied, "Just blow on it to cool it and then take it back." Emily laughed as Michelle played with her espresso, stirring it every few seconds, hoping the napkin would absorb some of her fate. Michelle eventually told Emily that she was going for it. With a deep breath and a grin, Michelle downed the espresso. Luckily, Emily had a bottle of water on hand which Michelle used as a chaser. "Why do people do this to themselves?!" Michelle exclaimed. "Never again."

On a more positive note, Tazza D'Oro really is a great coffee shop. In the two hours we spent sitting and blogging, we saw dozens of patrons from different backgrounds come in and out. There was the video gamer, the college student studying for finals, the girl Skype-ing with her friend, business deals, zoo keepers, families... the list goes on. The walls are brightly decorated with various paintings and art. The free wireless internet is always a great deal. Parking and seating (both indoor and outdoor) were both easy to find. We could definitely see ourselves coming back here, although next time will be for the pastries, not the coffee.

13 and 14 down, 351 to go.

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