Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Challenge

We are two twenty-something women living and working in Oakland, a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With so much available within walking distance, it is often a challenge to find a reason to leave.

The idea behind this blog came after a conversation about getting out and exploring the city. More or less, it went something like this...

Emily: "Wouldn't it be cool to try something new every day?"
Michelle: "You know, Living Social is compiling a list of 365 Things To Do In Pittsburgh."
Emily: "What a great place to start! I wish we could do them all in one year."
Michelle: "Obviously we will, because we are just that awesome."

With that, the challenge was on. Starting today, May 1, 2011, we will attempt to accomplish one of these 365 things each day (on average... we need a break for Christmas people) in hopes that a year from now, we will have tried a whole bunch of new things and much of what Pittsburgh has to offer.

The Rules:
1. We don't have to complete one task every day. Sometimes places are closed or we will be out of town. There will be some days during which we will complete more than one activity, but a minimum of one activity will be completed each week.

2. Events, activities, or locations we have attended previously (i.e. Hofbrauhaus, PNC Park) do not count.

3. The "Things" do not have to be completed in order. We are starting with Thing #156. Get over it.

4. We must complete the prescribed activity. For example, Thing #9 is The Best Happy Hour For Margaritas (at Mad Mex). This means we have to go to Mad Mex during happy hour and have a margarita. Saturdays, Sundays, and lunchtime don't count.

5. We both must be present for it to count, but only one of us has to participate. Emily hates coffee. She won't drink it.

6. The completion of each activity must be documented in some form. This may include but is not limited to photos and videos. If it's not documented, it doesn't count.

7. Some activities require children or dogs. We own neither and wish only for one. In instances where children and/or dogs are necessary, we will borrow them. Volunteers??

8. There aren't actually 365 "Things" on the list (Living Social forgot 34 comes after 33, 134 comes after 133, and 143 comes after 142). We will need your help to come up with replacements!

9. Some events have already occurred and were one night only. In such instances, we will do our best to replicate the activity. Again, your suggestions will be most helpful.

10. All 365 "Things" must be completed by April 30, 2012 at 11:59pm. Failure to complete this challenge may result in Michelle running a naked mile through Oakland.

With the rules in place, we're off to complete Thing #156: The Best Place for an Unexpected Taste of Truffle...

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