Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#156: BRGR - Backyard Chic

On Sunday, we tried our first of 365 Things – The Best Place for an Unexpected Taste of Truffle. In search of truffle-infused Cheese Whiz and a bourbon milkshake, we ventured to BRGR on the corner of Highland and Penn Circle S in East Liberty. Neither of us had been there before but we had heard great things.

Parking in Pittsburgh tends to be the biggest issue when going out. Lucky for us, Michelle has a knack for finding the perfect (and usually free) spot just around the corner from where we want to go… that’s why Emily always makes her drive.

BRGR has a very trendy feel but is welcoming to young professionals, older patrons, families, and of course bloggers. We were quickly seated at a table on the covered rooftop that provided both a backyard setting featuring mesh tables, paper towels, and plastic condiment bottles and a great view of the neighborhood.

We decided to play it safe and ordered the BRGR fries (with truffle cheeze whiz obviously) and the Salty Caramel milk shake (bourbon, sea salt caramel sauce, and vanilla bean) to share. For a $1, the truffle cheese whiz was neither a large portion size nor nothing to write home about. The Salty Caramel milkshake, however… Michelle’s been restraining herself from going back to BRGR everyday. For $8, you get two servings that can be shared, though next time she may just get her own.

Because the name of the restaurant so closely resembles the word “burger,” we decided it would be more than appropriate to have two of those as well. Michelle ordered the Fire in the Hole featuring guac, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayo. Emily opted for the Shroomz, a burger with forest mushrooms, caramelized onions, brie cheese, and some sort of mustard “on the side” (like Sally from “When Harry Met Sally”). Both came off the grill very quickly, which only slightly made up for the lack of quality attention from our waitress.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at BRGR and would certainly go back for another Salty Caramel milkshake sometime very soon.

1 down, 364 to go.

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