Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#166: Caliban Book Shop - The Shop Around the Corner

The Best Place to Find that One-of-a-Kind Book

Just a hop, skip, and jump past our office is a great little book shop filled with more than 25,000 books including first print edition, rare collections, poetry, Americana, and more. On Tuesday, we walked to South Craig Street in Oakland to explore Thing #166 – Caliban Book Shop.

Now that the academic year has ended, Michelle has started to develop her summer reading list. Going to Caliban offered her an opportunity to find a book that would be added to her list. Michelle felt overwhelmed by the numerous shelves of books but gravitated toward the suspense and drama section. Michelle browsed through the books and picked up books such as “The Other David” and “Great Expectations”.  After shuffling through several books, Michelle finally stumbled upon “The Black Book” by Lawrence Durrell. When Michelle read that the book was prohibited publication in England and in the US until 1960 and 1973 consecutively because of it’s sexual content, she was immediately sold.

For her 25th birthday, Emily, by request, received a copy of William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies.” Her brother, in a fit of jealousy and rage, started pouting about how he wanted the book too. Since then, Emily has been searching for an inexpensive copy of the book to no avail. After perusing the bookshelves on the first floor of Caliban and finding nothing of interest, she discovered a back door on which there was a sign for paperback fiction on the ground floor.  Hoping it was really a nexus to another universe, she ventured through and found another small room filled with none other than paperback fiction! Lo and behold, she came across a copy of LOTF just two blocks from her humble abode for only $2. Feeling satisfied with her find, she maneuvered her way back through the aisles to make her purchase.

*Note – credit and debit cards are accepted, but only on purchases more than $5. Emily found out the hard way and now she owes Michelle $2.

2 down, 363 to go.

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