Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#144: Charles Lewis Memorial Park - Oh Mural Where Art Thou?

Best Walking Art Tour

On Monday evening Emily and I drove up to Mt. Washington in search of the Charles Lewis Memorial Park. Our Google search of the park was unsuccessful, so we went out with a tank full of gas but with little direction. Emily and I both have been to Mt. Washington on several occasions but we did not recall ever seeing murals.

Much of our time was spent saying "Ok, go left." "Now go right." "Ughhh...I don't know." We did come across Olympia park, a closed school that I would like to buy and open as a college, and a breath taking view of the city. We eventually stopped at the Mt. Washington Gulf Gas Station to ask for directions. The attendant had never heard of the park or the murals and was very little help. As we began to leave for home, Emily noticed something on the building behind the gas station. It was mural.

Cross it off the list.


23 down, 342 to go.

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