Thursday, June 2, 2011

#142: Harris Grill - Bacon, bacon, bacon!

Best Place to Get Your Bacon On

Every Tuesday evening after happy hour, Harris Grill has it's well known Bacon Night. For only a $1, patrons receive a basket of freshly cooked, crispy bacon. If you are dining on a budget (or just really cheap), sit at the bar. Baskets of bacon are free.

When we arrived at Harris Grill the bacon fanatics were already out drooling over their baskets of fatty goodness. I put my name on the waiting list for a table outside and Emily, Amy, and I took seats at the bar to order drinks. Harris Grill has an extensive drink menu of beers, wines, and mixed drinks, so we spent time deciding on what to order. Amy inquired about the Bacontini-a martini made with bacon infused vodka. The bartender suggested against it saying that the drink wasn't good and that bacon vodka was better suited for a Bloody Mary. Emily ordered her signature diet coke, Amy ordered Dogfish Head Midas Touch, and I ordered a Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool. My drink included three helpless sour patch kids and my goal soon became to save them from their tragic fate.

After about 25 minutes, my name was called for our table. We were quite disappointed after not receiving one basket of bacon during our wait at the bar. Emily and Amy split Buffalo Chicken Dip and Dippo de Queso con Carne (hopefully your Espanol is decent) and I ordered Delmonico a Go Go a steak sandwich and a frozen cosmo. Unfortunately, the Dippo de Queso con Carne was too spicy for any of us to bear. We all indulged ourselves in two baskets of bacon.

I'm not sure where American's love for bacon originated, but I would love to thank the citizens of this great country for making it perfectly acceptable to eat baskets of bacon with no remorse.


25 down, 340 to go.

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