Friday, August 12, 2011

#188: Smallman Street Deli - Movie Theater Snack Attack

Best Place for Matzah Ball Soup

Also while on the way to see the new Harry Potter movie, Emily and I stopped in Squirrel Hill to go to 61C Cafe. It had been some time since we last did something on the list, so any opportunity to complete a thing was welcome.

I had not eaten anything that morning, so I was in search for a movie theater snack to take with me. As we were walking to 61C Cafe I noticed Smallman Street Deli across the street and Emily remembered that it was on the list.

Livingsocial recommended a steaming bowl of matzah ball soup. Steaming and summer aren't a good combination and eating a bowl of soup in a dark, crowded theater could be difficult so I opted for a chicken salad sandwich on multigrain bread.

Though the chicken salad sandwich was just ok, I would go back there for their Sunday brunch or breakfast or to buy a six pack of Blue Moon in cans.


58 down, 307 to go.

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